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A people-centric culture with leadership at every level naturally leads to innovation, collaboration, and accountability.

The below organizational programs are designed to optimize talent performance against real business measures

with a competitive advantage. Click to see more information on these offerings. 


Building high-performing teams and helping your people become effective leaders by training them for the next level of workplace excellence. Create a future-proof set of skills and build engaging cultures where people love their work.


 Helping organizations navigate major changes successfully. Give your leaders access to the expertise and support they’ll need to keep their teams engaged through re-organizations, hyper-growth, or any important transformation.


Creating a culture of excellence where teams are free to experiment & try new approaches to resolving challenges in their way. Take the time to build trust in your teams, giving your employees an openness to learning.



A crucial element to making your next event unforgettable. From personal storytelling to engaging conversations, these talks will engage and inspire any audience.


Topics Include: Time Management, Organization, Women in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Creating Coaching Cultures in the Workplace, Coaching Skills for Leaders and Executives, and more.


Workshops, Offsites, and Intensives customized for your organization's needs. Experience interactive learning designed to help your team ignite purposeful and necessary change. Bespoke presentations are available.


These events include humour, open dialogue, deep work, and actions after the workshop to create a one-of-a-kind, engaging, effective experience. Take your teams from disjointed to unified - Improve communication between leaders - Increase employee engagement and performance - Create a culture of work/life integration - Teach leaders how to increase their impact and influence positively - And that's just the tip of the iceberg!



Danika is available to respond to requests from journalists or press seeking expert commentary on coaching, leadership and change management. If you would like to interview Danika or include her comments and perspectives in your piece, please get in touch here.

Danika would love to be a guest on your podcast, speak at your event, offer a masterclass to your community, or write a guest post for your blog. She will happily work with you to craft a presentation that best suits your audience.


Work with me, and you'll be in great company.


What My Clients Are Saying


I’m proud of myself for not stressing out about things I shouldn't. There’s less beating myself up, and I’m not trying to do too much at once. I know what needs to be done to create a self-sustaining program. I automated many of the processes that consumed my time and delegated responsibilities that used to take up my time. Coaching helped me learn to let go and not be concerned about things going wrong. Thank you for helping my team grow and teaching me about my management style. I don't feel stuck anymore.

K.VH - IT Automation Specialist - DataRobot


With Danika’s help, we worked through my lack of confidence and trust in my abilities. With her guidance and ‘can do’ attitude, I could turn my faith around and trust in myself. Although shedding new skin and opening into leadership can feel uncomfortable, my previous doubts have been transformed into excitement for the unknown path ahead. I’ve recognized my values as a mother, a coach and a human being. I now appreciate my big ideas, loving heart and ability to be the catalyst for others to become who they truly are.

T.R - Director Leadership Development - Leaders @ Scale


When we started, I had much lower self-esteem and self-worth. I was questioning everything when it came to my worth. Now, I do not need to question my abilities. I no longer care what others think of me, and I can assert myself with my work and family in a new way. Before I wouldn't even have had those difficult conversations but now I feel strong enough. I gained a level of confidence I didn't have before. I’m re-centring and more present in each moment, balancing my work with my life priorities in new ways.

M.H - Organizational Development - Kinark

If you want to create change, foster teamwork, unleash innovation and move your business forward - I am here to help. I do much more than just teach skills. I transform mindsets and change behaviors.

Let's get started on your business transformation today. Book an intro call now. 

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